Christus Health Plan - Poor customer service implies poor health insurance coverage?

Not resolved

Tried to use the toll free number (844-282-3025) today, and all menu items (2, 3, 4) only take me to the automated payment system. Even "0" to repeat the menu takes me to automated payment system.

My first problem I'm trying to resolve is I have paid my premium for March and been billed for April and still not received an insurance ID card. My second problem is I have been assigned a PCP who does not even live in my community, and I want to change my PCP to my actual doctor who I've been seeing ever since I moved to this city and who is on the Christus Provider list (and I was asked who my PCP was when I enrolled). I am unable to change my PCP by phone (because of the toll free number problem) or online using my Member Login because that "feature" doesn't seem to work (I left a message about this using the "Talk to Us" option in iTransact but have received no reply, nor do I know how I would receive a reply should it be forthcoming).

It took Christus so long to accept my first payment ("we're not accepting payments for March yet") that I was afraid I wouldn't be covered for March, so I also paid my existing health insurance company also for March. Christus finally accepted my payment for March on February 24 - nearly 6 weeks after I enrolled on January 16.

Product or Service Mentioned: Christus Health Plan Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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