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Super misleading and duplicitous. I went over the benefits with a Health Insurance Navigator AND called Christus health insurance to ASSURE myself that the prescription and ER expenses were not subject (applied to) the deductible. Both told me, based on the on-line plan information, that they were not, and I would only need to pay a copay for each. Today I found out that was Totally wrong. Now I owe $2,500 to an emergency room and am being charged $300 for prescriptions.

Unlike the 3 other health insurance companies I have used, whose plan literature says, "deductible applies" after listing certain services for which you have to pay the deductible first,

Christus' says that if there is no specification or writing under

"Limitations, Exceptions, & Other Important Information" that means you must pay the deductible BEFORE the copay is applied.

So, by omission of the information, you are supposed to understand this. Sneaky. Duplicitous. Fooled me, a navigator, and the guy who represents them who I talked to on the phone.

When I asked the representative on the phone today why the Christus person I talked to in December gave me misleading/ incorrect information, she said "I think he was looking at the 2017 plan." To fool your own workers and the Health Insurance Navigator, that's irresponsible at best, but probably just planned to deceive.

So, I pay $350 a month, and don't get ER, prescriptions, MRIs and so much more covered before the deductible -- which neither I not the experienced Health Insurance Navigator could tell -- because they omitted the information. I wish so much that I chose NMHC and would have had I been given all the info. Their plan was $10 more and had higher copays, but I would have been able to get my prescriptions before fulfilling my deductible. $300/month for my health insurance payments!

I feel (and was) deceived, mislead, and used by a sneaky and avaricious company. BE CAREFUL! SHOP AROUND! CANNOT RECOMMEND

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July 12 of what year? Is this complain five months old or five years old? Without knowing this the data are useless.

Christus Health Plan - Worst health plan ever!

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First they started charging me for two plans when I only applied for one. In addition to the double bull they also made me pay a double deductible.

They were very slow and unwilling to work with me to resolve the situation. Then in November 2017 Christus sent a note saying they were not offering my plan in 2018. I went on the exchange and Christi’s had no plans on the Exchange for 2018 so I got an off-exchange plan from another health plan. Then in 2018 I started getting invoices from Christus for their plan at a 42.55% increase.

I contacted them but they still won’t return the money that was in the account.

I filed appeals but they ignore them. Avoid Christus - they are a disorganized, incompetent, uncaring bunch of money grubbers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Christus Health Plan Health Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Christus Health Plan - Poor customer service implies poor health insurance coverage?

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Tried to use the toll free number (844-282-3025) today, and all menu items (2, 3, 4) only take me to the automated payment system. Even "0" to repeat the menu takes me to automated payment system.

My first problem I'm trying to resolve is I have paid my premium for March and been billed for April and still not received an insurance ID card. My second problem is I have been assigned a PCP who does not even live in my community, and I want to change my PCP to my actual doctor who I've been seeing ever since I moved to this city and who is on the Christus Provider list (and I was asked who my PCP was when I enrolled). I am unable to change my PCP by phone (because of the toll free number problem) or online using my Member Login because that "feature" doesn't seem to work (I left a message about this using the "Talk to Us" option in iTransact but have received no reply, nor do I know how I would receive a reply should it be forthcoming).

It took Christus so long to accept my first payment ("we're not accepting payments for March yet") that I was afraid I wouldn't be covered for March, so I also paid my existing health insurance company also for March. Christus finally accepted my payment for March on February 24 - nearly 6 weeks after I enrolled on January 16.

Product or Service Mentioned: Christus Health Plan Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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